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Industrial change is a challenge and in many cases a necessity. At GDM (General Driver Motor), we are proud to offer much more than corrective and preventive maintenance services for servo systems and industrial electronics.

As an official HIWIN distributor, our mission goes beyond simply selling equipment.

We position ourselves as the ideal partner for modernising and transforming your industry, offering comprehensive solutions from project development to machine building and modernisation. All thanks to the tandem we form with the manufacturer.

Industrial transformation through GDM and HIWIN.

Innovation and competitiveness with HIWIN.

HIWIN is a brand known worldwide for its advanced technology in motion systems and mechatronics. But what really sets the HIWIN-GDM tandem apart is our ability to integrate these technologies optimally into your industrial processes. We are dedicated to understanding your specific needs and providing tailor-made solutions that increase your company’s efficiency and competitiveness. We go beyond simple distribution.

Mechatronic system integration.

At GDM we not only distribute HIWIN products, we also work side by side with you and HIWIN in the design and implementation of complete mechatronic systems.

GDM has direct access to the full engineering potential of HIWIN, so that any questions or need for advice can be solved directly from the manufacturer. We are ready to advise you at every stage of the process, from concept to commissioning. Whether you are developing a new project or upgrading an existing machine, HIWIN-GDM has the experience and know-how to integrate HIWIN equipment and technology effectively.

This not only improves the functionality of your machines, but also optimises your operations, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

The entire HIWIN portfolio is available to facilitate your company’s industrial transformation. All linear motion automation, combined with servo systems, robotics, rotary tables and other equipment, allows us to design the best solution for every need. We help you integrate all options to design the best solution.

Machine building and upgrading.

One of our most outstanding services, developed through our direct relationship with the manufacturer HIWIN, is the ability to build custom machines to your specifications. All while integrating HIWIN components to ensure superior performance. In addition, if your aim is to modernise your existing equipment, we have the expertise to carry out upgrades that will enable your machines to achieve levels of efficiency and accuracy that are in line with current market requirements.

We turn industrial transformation into a perfect turnkey solution. The team that makes up HIWIN-GDM will not only help you with the design, but will also study the problem with you, design the solution and build it.

Technical advice and bespoke solutions.

At GDM, we are committed to providing complete and effective solutions. For this reason, we have endeavoured to provide a continuous technical advice service to help you choose the most suitable solution for your specific needs. And what better way to do this than to put all the manufacturer’s engineering at your service. We put the solution within your reach, and if it doesn’t exist, thanks to HIWIN, we make it.

Our motto, “GDM, Giving Solutions!“, reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive support to ensure that every project is a resounding success.

Choosing GDM as your industrial distribution and maintenance partner means choosing innovation, quality and commitment. With HIWIN as our technology partner, we are ready to take your industry to the next level, ensuring your machines and processes are more efficient, competitive and profitable.

At GDM, we don’t just sell equipment, we turn your vision into reality. We are industrial transformation.

The turnkey project you need.