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In other articles we have talked about checking electrospindles. But this time our workshop manager is going to tell us about two very specific steps for testing this type of engine.

Checks at the mooring point.

As we have said, two very important control processes in the testing of the electospindle are the ones that we are going to see in the video. Given the importance they have for the correct operation of this type of engine. In addition to the repercussions they have on the manufacturing processes in which these devices are involved.

On the one hand, checking the tool clamping torque. Specifically, it is about measuring the force with which the head holds the tool. This is very important, since an incorrect force would imply defects in the manufacture of parts in which the electrospindle intervenes. On the other hand, this incorrect force could cause vibrations, which would lead to breakages inside the engine.

Secondly we will check the axial jump in the motor cone. This is a very important variable that can cause major production problems for the engine. In essence, it is about checking the axial oscillation of the tool and that it is between the appropriate values.

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