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GDM continues to progress in its commitment to quality. The investment in our test benches demonstrates this effort for a line of work in which we firmly believe.

Leading in resources.

GDM’s commitment to provide solutions to our clients in any brand on the market has led us to the need for a strong investment in test benches. Currently our company has more than 140 test benches. Without a doubt, this is one of our potentials that allows us to provide a very high level of quality in our repairs.

The tests carried out on the final test bench guarantee the reliability of the repair. But not only that, but they also allow a fault control to be carried out before proceeding with the repair.

Our controlcheck department relies on these benches to carry out a correct testing task, guaranteeing the excellence of the repair.

In the current market of the infinity of brands currently operating, we could consider that 78 of them account for almost the entire market. With an aggravation, each brand has several main series with different models within each of them. We receive equipment from all these brands and many more, to which we also provide service.

With all the knowledge offered by the wide range of brands we serve, we have been able to map the most widespread solutions in the current industry. Analyzing this volume of devices, we can conclude that 315 devices monopolize all the main possibilities of the market.

At General Driver Motor, and thanks to our more than 140 test benches, we can easily and fully guarantee 304 of these devices. In other words, we directly test more than 96% of the equipment on the market.

Obviously, in the rest of the cases, if our client provides us with the complete kit with the engine, we can also complete the test with full guarantee.

commitment to qualitySecurity, guarantee and speed are the key to GDM’s work in our commitment to quality.

The security that we offer our clients about the professionalism of our repairs is an indisputable value. The guarantee that we put on all our repairs is endorsed by the controls that we carry out from our test benches.

But, above all, there are two points that are widely recognized. The speed and the price that we offer from GDM are the two pillars most valued by all our clients. And this is shown by the satisfaction surveys that we carry out with our customers after each repair. In them we are obtaining 72 NPS points which shows a degree of excellence in the level of satisfaction of our customers.

And in our commitment to quality we are not going to stop investing in our test benches. We will continue to grow and guarantee our clients that trust in GDM is synonymous with peace of mind.

GDM, giving solutions!

If you want to try our services and see the level of quality with which we deal with our repairs, call us right now. Without a doubt, you will be a satisfied customer.

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