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We leave you here a video where you can see all these explanations.

In this article we are going to introduce you to what a spindle is. We can define a spindle as a high-speed electric motor that is often used for machining different types of materials. It can be used for glass, wood, even metal machining.

The main characteristic of these engines is the wide range of revolutions. It can work from twenty revolutions per minute, but it can also reach sixty thousand revolutions per minute. And all this while maintaining a high working torque.

spindle bobinado

Spindle types.

This type of spindle motors is also known by the name of electrospindle. We can find three varieties of this type of engine.
The first is an alternating spindle, and is characterized by a sensor that allows it to control the revolutions. It has a specially designed winding to work at high revolutions. It works by means of a belt or cardan drive, which moves a mechanical spindle where the work tool is incorporated to carry out the different machining operations.
The second is the spindle with automatic tool change, encoder and tool position sensor. It is fully automatic, it greatly facilitates the processes by not requiring intervention in many of the work steps.
Finally, the third variety is the magnetic rotor spindle, which has the advantage of having a much more efficient position control and the torque it is capable of exerting is much greater with a very reduced axis distance.

Parts of a spindle.

These types of motors are structured according to the following parts:
  1. Winding or stator.
  2. Rotor.
  3. Axis.
  4. Tool holding clamp.
  5. Rotating cooling fitting.
  6. Encoder.
  7. Hydraulic or pneumatic piston for tool change. In those that have the automatic tool change.


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