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We continue with the preventive maintenance analysis, in this case of Fanuc equipment. We are going to see the typical breakdowns from the electronic aspect of Fanuc equipment. As we have already told you on countless occasions, knowing the type of breakdowns in an equipment model is key for preventive maintenance.

Description of typical faults in Fanuc driver and spindle.

Specifically, the most typical breakdowns in the ALPHA / ALPHA i / BETA / BETA i SERIES devices are those detailed below.

  • Computer does not turn on in SVM and SPM.
  • VRDY OFF signal in SVM
  • IPM overcurrent alarms (8., 9., A., b., C., d., And E) in SVM
  • Alarm 2 “Control Power Supply Undervoltage” in SVM
  • Alarm 12 “DC link overcurrent / IPM alarm”

These are examples of typical breakdowns that occur in these models, which could be avoided by performing preventive maintenance. This maintenance will avoid unexpected and unwanted stops in production lines.



On the other hand, in some cases, the components and the board are so damaged in the breakdown that it is very difficult to repair them. Once this happens, there is no other choice but to replace the equipment, with the consequent extra cost compared to a repair, which in turn, would have been avoided with preventive maintenance.


Preventive Maintenance.

This preventive maintenance consists of the change of components that due to their chemical composition have a limited durability in terms of the number of working hours and the temperature they withstand. Opto-electronic components are also changed, which by their nature have wear and tear due to working hours.


In addition to all the above, a deep cleaning of electronic boards is also carried out, which will avoid the problems derived from corrosion by chemical elements in the environment that are deposited on them (fats, oils, metallic powders, humidity, etc …). We will also avoid possible short circuits or insulation losses that could occur due to these elements.


It is also very important that the ventilation systems of the equipment are in perfect condition, to avoid overheating that ends up causing breakdowns. Preventive maintenance with the change of cooling components, cleaning of heatsinks and a change of heat dissipation paste prevent numerous breakdowns and premature wear of the components.


We continue to know typical breakdowns of electronic equipment, in this case Fanuc equipment. We will continue to learn about other brands and devices, in order to help you plan your preventive maintenance. And remember that you have us at your disposal for any query FROM THIS SAME LINK.