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On this occasion we are going to teach you the tasks on a SIMODRIVE 611 of the SIEMENS brand. In this video we show you how the work process is for a preventive maintenance action. We can see the entire process starting with the initial tests, going through the repair and subsequent quality tests that verify the repair.

In this video we are going to show you how we carry out the preliminary test for fault diagnosis and the subsequent function check test once repaired. In this cas we are working with a Siemens brand simodrive 611 dual axis 15 amp. module.

simodrive 611The process.

The first operation to carry out when we receive the device is to carry out a visual inspection and a different direct measurements to check if we have an obvious fault, or if not we must carry out a test on the test bench to be able to reproduce it’s fault.

Once the fault has been verified on the test bench, we start disassembling it and testing of the circuit where we believe the problem is.

On the other hand, a thorough cleaning of electronic boards is carried out, which will prevent problems derived from corrosion due to chemical elements in the environment that are deposited on them (grease, oils, metallic dust, humidity, etc.). In addition, we will prevent possible short circuits or insulation losses that could occur due to these elements.

It is very important that the ventilation system of the device is in perfect condition, to protect against overheating that could lead to breakdowns. Preventive maintenance by changing cooling components, cleaning heatsinks and changing the heat dissipation paste avoids numerous breakdowns and premature wear of the components.

Once it has been repaired, we make a test at the Controlcheck area. During this test, a short video showing the functionality of the unit is documented and the most important signals are recorded. After several hours of constant operation with varying load cycles (acceleration, sustained speed, deceleration), the repair is approved and the device is ready to be packaged and sended to its final destination.

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