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These are our origins and this is our company. We want you to share our story with us by being part of it.

Our CEO, Luis Corral Sánchez, tells us about the beginnings of GDM. And he also shows us what are the pillars on which our company rests. Maximum guarantee and price competitiveness are the differential values of GDM. Under these two principles we face the challenges that come to our workshops on a daily basis.

Our way of doing.

Being experts in servomotors implies knowledge of mechanics, electronics, automation and other related areas. Every problem of our clients becomes our problems. We have to investigate and solve them, because at GDM we provide solutions.

We face the technological challenges posed by the problems that come to us every day. And we do this from within a team with a family spirit. We continue to grow continuously thanks to the satisfaction of our customers. A satisfied customer is the greatest sign of quality you can have. And our list of satisfied customers is growing strong.

We stand firm in our origins. In our way of doing. We are experts in repair and remanufacturing of servomotors and industrial electronics. At GDM we are moved by a single principle, to provide solutions to our clients.